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Talaash is riddled with flashes that remind a viewer of films like Baazigar and Meri Jung. Even if a viewer overlooks the dementia of Akshay's mother (Raakhie) in the film, the drama and the plot leaves a feeling.

Not only is the film's story clichd and commonplace, it lacks a singular direction. The first half begins on a promising note but the story veers off into a different direction with the entry of Kareena's character.

Soon the hero (Akshay), who seemed to have the iron will to avenge his father's death, forgets everything and goes about prancing around the trees with the svelte stunner.

Even the comedy in the film stands out jaggedly from the basic plot. Particularly, the sequences inside Palace of Wheels featuring the interaction between fellow passengers on the train are pathetic.

Add to this the film's damp climax that tantalizes the viewers' expectations totally.
All through the film, the viewer is eager to know the identity of Akshay's sister, but when the suspense unfolds towards the climax, you feel completely disappointed.

Akshay Kumar's role in the film is not different from the ones he has already played umpteen times. The role lacks substance and could have used much pruning. However, the spunky actor delivers with his characteristic ease.

Same goes for Kareena Kapoor, who, again in a role void of any substance, just about manages to slip into the shoes of her character.

In a nutshell, Talaash offers nothing new and refreshing for the audience who desperately need a different story than the typical Bollywood kitsch.

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