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Hate Sroty Movie ReviewMovie Name: 'Hate Story'
Critic Rating: (2/5)
Star Cast: Pauli carrot, Gulshan devaiya, Nikhil Dwivedi
Director: Vivek Agnihotri
Producer: Vikram Bhatt
Music Director: harsita Saxena
Genre: thriller


Kavya (Pauli carrot) and how to become a middle class Generalist own sexual and commercial exploitation of sex workers in Shane (Gulshan devaiya) refers to the change. Affect family and their special friend Vicky kavyana (Nikhil Dwivedi) is also required. Kavyane lurking love the wiki. Kavya - which has now the best escort bacyum luntava not do nothing and have the training to obtain a table for Shane barabada chae carry their own sexuality. Thus begins the journey rivenjani hate and wildlife.

Story treatment

Sax film heroine and a villain to rival the power and tabaha rupee makes the knob.Initially holding of the film, the viewer expects to increase anxiety but then immediately turns on the water again. It becomes eligible kavyanum patrakaramanthi seksavarkara utare swallows, but the film seems to be unrealistic in some things. A person can go to whatever extent it is a true change, but the heroine in the film, its aim is to have sex is the only tool to deal with and they all returned to work successfully in the modern era it is not recognized.

Star Cast


Pauli dame his character honestly, bindastapane and played with confidence.Gulshan devaiya chaapa deep leaving a viewer's mind. Nikhil Dwivedi has quite vedaphai. I did not have a chance to prove her abilities. Joe Sengupta, Saurabh Dube and Mohan Kapoor has done a good job.


Vivek Agnihotri added thrill element to the film succeeds, but the film as the story goes, his attempt to estimate in advance of being wishy-washy. However, human behavior have been khubipurvaka scenes depicting various sedjha.

Dilog / Cinematography

Cinematography is excellent. It is not particularly impressive music, but it 'sa Dil mirror, and the background music is required bhavavahi.

Positive and negative 

Estimates can be discerned already thrilano lack of story and the film's weaker aspects. However, between - philmavayelam taken between scenes makes the film bearable. I believe our - 'Hate Story, Skip and Vicky donor' view. Yes, there are no hot scenes, but you enjoy the comedy film - you can enjoy the country.

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